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One of the best parts of my job is carrying-out author events through school and library visits, and book festivals.

I enjoy working with both children and adults in a fun and interactive way that allows each individual to explore themselves creatively and gain an insight into the life of a picture book author and illustrator.

Events can be planned as activity-based workshops or talks.

In previous events we have:

  • created characters

  • explored how pictures can tell a story

  • created picture book concepts

  • taken part in large group draw-along sessions

  • discussed how an author/illustrator works with a publisher

  • experimented with different techniques/media

  • taken part in printmaking activities 

  • considered the representation of diversity in the books that we make and share with children.

  • discussed the technical benefits of digital software.

I am used to travelling across the country by car or train, but do bear in mind that all travel expenses would need to be covered.

If you would like to talk to me about your specific requirements for your session(s) and discuss fees, please contact me.

Festival events and talks

Here is a list of literary festivals, establishments and educational schemes I have worked with.

  • Edinburgh Book Festival

  • Pop-up Festival

  • Pathways Mentoring Scheme I currently have the pleasure of mentoring two up and coming illustrators who are on this programme.

  • Seven Stories National Centre for Children's Books

  • Discover Children's Story Telling Centre

  • National Saturday Club

  • Oxford Literary Festival

  • Michael Rosen's Big Write

  • Borders Book Festival

  • Imagine Children's Book Festival

  • Youth Libraries Group - author panel discussion with Ross Collins, Catherine Rayner and Emily MacKenzie.

  • The Summer Reading Challenge - I ran a number of author events in a few local libraries.

  • Books on the Tyne Festival

  • Northern Children's Book Festival

  • Literacy Loans Scheme - Tees Valley Museums

  • Crossing the Tees Book Festival

  • Sunderland Literature Festival

  • The Durham Books Festival

  • Fall into Books Festival

  • Explore Lifelong Learning Centre

  • Sedgefield Book Festival

Library services

Here is a list of library services I have worked with.

  • South Tyneside

  • North Tyneside

  • Sunderland

  • Stockton

  • Durham

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